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Dorset’s Original Flower Wall Company 

We love to make flower walls and get really excited with all requests we receive. We make these for installation and also for hire. We handmake each flower wall and they are produced with premium quality artificial flowers and foliage, ensuring the walls look fantastic all day long. Therefore our designs aren’t simply ordered from China or another company that use the same design you’ll see all over Instagram, ours are as unique as you want them to be, they are lovingly made and can be made to order to fit certain height restrictions or simply by design. They make such a huge statement and a great photographic backdrop for any occasion.  The flower walls are free standing and can be safely erected.

We not only hire backdrops but we install them too for keeps! So if you would like a flower wall installation please get in touch for a personalised quote via our contact page.

Our range of backdrops start from 2 m high and 2m wide, this wall is perfect for a cake table or smaller intimate/childrens party.  The next size up is 2.4m high and up to 6m in length the walls can be used as a red carpet photo-point or top-table backdrop to name just two possibilities.  We have a choice of green foliage wall or ivory as a base colour and can add floral variations which  are fully customisable.

Our Tropical foliage wall, which we made ourselves, obviously, can be customised with florals to suit.

We have new for 2019 a light gold shimmer/sequin wall/reflector wall. We purchased our wall from a very reputable supplier who has over 25 years in the business supplying to the likes of The West End and some of the biggest names in fashion and TV.  The sequin/shimmer/reflector walls are so eye catching that you really can’t afford not to have one at your party.  We can’t wait to get our next one in and will of course update the website in due course, but for now please find our latest work on https://www.instagram.com/sugarrushboss/

We require a flat surface for all our backdrops. Some of them may  be able to be outside however, weather conditions need to be fine on the day of choice.  Please send us an email or give us a call and we can help plan your special day whether it be a shop opening, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding or celebration.